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Book: Entree to Entrelac

Entree to Entrelac: The Definitive Guide from a Biased Knitter by Gwen Bortner
Revisiting a forgotten technique, this resource guides knitters through the steps, skills, and concepts necessary for mastering entrelac stitching. Though this way of knitting may intimidate beginning crafters, this reference explains the simple ways to build an understanding of the basics, how to master advanced techniques, and even combine entrelac with other knitting methods. Projects include scarves, bags, mittens, slipper socks, hats, and other garments, all worked in a wide range of yarn types.
ISBN: 9781933064192
Paperback: 160 pages, 24.2 x 1.1 x 25 cm
Publisher: XRX Books, August 2010