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Berroco Drop Ship Program

1) Find a Kit (either from Cabled Fiber & Yarn's Website or Berroco Drop Ship Listing 

2) Place an order with Cabled Fiber & Yarn (LYS)!

They can confirm pricing and availability. You can order any of our beautiful Berroco yarns and pattern books—even brands not normally stocked at your LYS including AmanoWOOLADDICTSLang, and Lopi!   Note:  You will be charged an additional $7.00 Shipping Charge on top of the Kit Price.

3) Berroco will fill your order!

After we receive your order from your LYS, Berroco will DropShip from our warehouse in Rhode Island directly to your doorstep via US Post Office. Please note: All orders must be made through a LYS, not directly through Berroco.

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Audrey's Cardigan (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$68.00 - $119.00


Eyre or Rochester Pullover (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$82.00 - $139.00


Ipswich Cardigan by Amy Christoffers (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$66.00 - $132.00


Lourdes Tee (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$49.00 - $73.00


Leicester Kit (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$70.00 - $150.00


Aidez Kit (Berroco Dropship Kit)

$78.00 - $128.00


Berroco DropShip Program