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TOFT Book Dinosaur Special

Kerry Lord is delighted to present this dinosaur special edition of TOFT Quarterly Magazine featuring 15 crochet dinosaur patterns. Part of the 'Edward's Menagerie' range of amigurumi crochet toys, this magazine features some of Kerry's classic patterns alongside instructions for brand-new ones. Ranging in skill level from complete beginner to more advanced amigurumi techniques, you're sure to find the perfect project for the dinosaur lover in your life.

Inside this special issue, you will find the patterns for:
Dippy the Diplodocus
Mary the Brontosaurus
Stanley the Stegosaurs
Anne the Dilophosaurus
Anthony the Ankylosuarus
Gregor the T-Rex
Rowena the Parasaurolophus
Vanessa the Plesiosaur
Daniel the Oviraptor
Catherine the Pterodactyl
Colin the Velociraptor
Sean the Spinosaurus
Jacqueline the Yutyrannus
Victoria the Triceratops
Roger the Cruxicheiros