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Knitted Wit DK and HerStory Yarns

Knitted Wit ~ Fine Treasures from A Sassy Girl.  Per their Etsy Page "We dye yarn for the hand knitter and fill each skein with as much color and sass as they can handle!"  

Knitted Wit is a woman-owned business based in Portland, Oregon, led by Lorajean Kelley.   Knitted Wit Yarn is frequently inspired by today's social issues using this platform to advocate for the things they most strongly believe in.

Read more about the source of color inspirations for these yarns!

HerStory  March 2021: Brave Enough:  From the 2021 Presidential Inauguration

HerStory  September 2020:   Indigenous Excellence Celebrates the indigenous heritage of Yalitza Aparicio

HerStory December 2021: The Future is Bright the Focus is on a group of young women working on climate change and community justice issues

HerStory  October 2021: Tammy Duckworth decorated veteran of the war in Iraq, and was the first disabled woman to hold a seat in the US House of Representatives