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Ulukayn Scarf Kit from Urth Yarn

Ulukayn –(original Turkish name: Ulukayin) is the tree of life in Turkish mythology. It is at the very center of the earth, the underworld and the sky. Its branches hold up the sky. Its roots penetrate all layers of the earth and extend to the underground ocean. It pierces the sky and rises to unknown heights. This mythologic tree is reimagined in a skinny scarf, on a 2-color Garter base, constructed with slip stitches, and Estonian Nupps.

Yarns used Spiral Grain

Color combinations available

ERLIK - Spruce and Thuja

KAYRA - Sycamore and Black Grape

BAYANAY - Katsura and Pistachio

TENGRI - Weeping Willow and Grape Leaf