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60 Quick Knit Gifts for Baby

60 Quick Knit Gifts for Baby : Adorable Sweaters  Hats, Blankets, & More in Cascade 220 Superwash

When in need of something to knit that will make a baby—and his or her parents—go gaga, 60 Quick Knit Gifts for Babies has everything you'll need. From simple accessories like hats and mittens to garments like cardigans, pullovers, dresses, and rompers, there are plenty of options that will allow you to dress up that little one in style. Beyond clothing, there are numerous adorable knit baby blanket patterns and several loveable toys such as a koala and a sloth. No two items are alike, and unlike some knitting baby books, projects span every skill level and a broad range of techniques such as lace, cables, colorwork, brioche, and more. There is something accessible and enticing for every knitter. With every item worked in Cascade 220 Superwash, an affordable and easy-care yarn available in more than 100 colors, the riddle of which yarn to use is solved from the get-go. The latest and greatest collection of knitting patterns for babies in the bestselling 60 Quick Knits knitting book series is here—and knitters will turn to this book whenever a new bundle of joy arrives or it's time to celebrate those first couple of birthdays.

Happy knitting!