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Ashford Book of Hand Spinning Jo Reeve rev 2019

Ashford Book of Hand Spinning by Jo Reeve revised edition 2019

With 116 pages of full colour photo?s and clear easy to follow instructions, learning to hand spin beautiful yarn has never been easier.
Content includes:
¢ Spinning and plying on a drop spindle
¢ Spinning and plying on a spinning wheel
¢ An explanation of single drive, double drive and bobbin lead
¢ Designing hand spun yarns
¢ Drafting techniques
¢ Carding and fibre preparation
¢ Selecting a fleece
¢ Wool and exotic fibre types and uses
¢ How to spin novelty yarns
¢ Knitting with hand spun yarns
¢ Knitting and weaving projects from handspun yarn
¢ Understanding your wheel
¢ Spinning wheel maintenance
¢ The history of Ashford
ISBN: 9780958288156
Paperback, 116 pages
Publisher: Ashford